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goldschmieden feuer by zierkuss


wearable art pieces

by Johanna Gradauer

Johanna Gradauer im Schmuckatelier zierkuss
Schmuck handgemacht by zierkuss

handmade jewelry

Wearable pieces of art are created in my Viennese studio – finely crafted jewelry that accompanies you through life or decorates your own walls at home.

from recycled gold & silver

Goldschmieden im Schmuckatelier Zierkuss

goldsmith's art

Special pieces and bespoken jewelry are created by fine handwork. Everything comes from a single source – from designing, sawing, soldering, filing, milling, forging, drawing, rolling... to the final shine polish.

handmade in Vienna –


sea sell S - ring gold by zierkuss
sea shell ringe by zierkuss gold silber

What a find!
Rings like shiny shells from a walk on the beach. For all ocean lovers who want to hear the sound of the sea... more

moving ring by zierkuss

Moving Ring

Great connection

Two intertwined circles gently moving together on the ring. It's almost impossible to keep your hands off it! more

dancing circles earrings by zierkuss

Dancing Circles

No limits!

These airy earrings want to be moved. Like an artist's juggling balls. Water circles at the evening lake. Jupiter orbits in space... more

recycled & fair

All Zierkuss jewelry is made from certified, recycled gold and sterling silver from state-approved sources.

Goldsmiths use the material sparingly: Valuable scrap metal is collected, melted down and processed back into new pieces of jewelry.

Goldschmiede Werkzeug am Werktisch im Schmuckatelier by zierkuss
art deco ohrringe by zierkuss kompr.jpg

Art Deco

Timeless elegance – fine earrings with history. more

Star Ring gold silber by zierkuss


Reach for the stars – like a piece of heaven. more

Gold Aehre Kette by zierkuss


Immerse yourself in diversity jewelry full of joy in nature. more

oh pearl ohrringe by zierkuss

Oh Pearl!

Pearl earrings – delicate chain meets shimmering baroque pearl. more

coral ring by zierkuss


Everything comes from the sea – like a view of the coral bottom. more

The2ofus ring by zierkuss


Two that are one – that belong together. Like you and I. more

amor amulett by zierkuss


Nostalgic beauty – these treasures want to be discovered. more


Queen For Every Day

Just put the crown on – a brilliant statement for every day & night. more

onepiece armreif by zierkuss

One Piece

Minimalistic design – bangles with  structure and perspective. more

liquid XL Gold Ring by zierkuss


Fluid Sculptures – Shiny metal drops to wear. more

blossom ring by zierkuss_edited.jpg


Delicate spring feelings – with a desire to blossom and bud. more

wild flower by zierkuss_edited.jpg

Wild Flowers

Delicate petals, wild color – like a bike ride in the summer wind. more

every piece tells it's story

Each custom-made jewelry contains very special moments and personal memories of life - and wonderful stories that I would like to share with you... more

bespoken jewelry

Schmuck Einzelanfertigung nach Mass im Schmuckatelier zierkuss

custom creations & re-working

Are you looking for a unique jewelry according to your own wishes and ideas? Or would you like to have an old, beloved piece worn again and reworked? I am happy to make individual jewelry for special people and occasions. – Feel free to write to me, I look forward to your message!

– Some bespoken jewelry that I created with great pleasure –


"It is a great pleasure to live out my love for craftsmanship in the jewelry studio and to create unique pieces with my hands!"

– ZIERKUSS by Johanna Gradauer

Goldschmieden Feuer by zierkuss
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