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Kunstück Hand Kette by zierkuss

Jewelry Art

Let's free art from the walls!

Body meets jewelry, meets people, meets time. Each piece of art is made by hand in my Viennese jewelry studio, in the joyfully experimental art of goldsmithing. Have fun wearing these unique pieces!

Handmade in Vienna • Recycled & Fair


Illustration & painting – A few pieces of art apart from goldsmithing. With color and line instead of metal and object. Murals, book illustrations and canvases.


Illustration – Kinderbuch Maulwurf Luis II

here and away

Malerei auf Leinwand


Malerei auf Leinwand


Wandillustration – 1020 Wien

monkey mind

Illustration – Gedichtband


Wandillustration – base19, mit Lili Richter


Illustration – Gedichtband

Seele baumeln lassen

Illustration – Kinderbuch Maulwurf Luis


Illustration – Buch

Goldschmieden Feuer by zierkuss
goldschmiede werkzeuge am Werktisch by zierkuss

constantly working

more art pieces are coming soon!

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