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I'd like to be under the see, in an octopus' garden...


May I introduce – His Majesty the Octopus! – a completely unique piece and wonderful companion that brings the vastness of the ocean into your days. With its slanted silver crown and small black eyes, this octopus floats at your side as if on a small throne.


The circularly shaped tentacles with the small suction cups look as if they would move at any moment to dive into the depths of the sea. Thanks to the oval eyelet, the Octopus dangles wonderfully carefree at your side.


Size: The octopus is 3cm high in total.

Material: Recycled sterling silver.

Chain: The necklace is 50cm long (and made in Austria)


One of a kind • Made in Vienna • Made of recycled sterling silver


- Handmade by Zierkuss -


King Octopus – necklace

  • Recycelted sterling silver

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