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Bespoken jewelry

It is beautiful to design jewelry for special people & occasions. Together, highly individual pieces are created by hand that will accompany you for a lifetime. And remember forever.

• made-to-measure • one of a kind • handmade in Vienna

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Einzelanfertigung Designgespräch zierkuss
Handgemachter Schmuck Zierkuss.jpg

From the idea to jewelry

At the beginning we discuss the details, sizes and materials of your piece of jewellery. If everything meets your wishes, I start with the production with great care and dedication. Until your unique piece is finished and ready for the special handover moment!


I look forward to your ideas, visions and wishes – and I look forward to your message!

Every piece has its story

Some bespoken jewelry that I loved to design for special people

Regenbogen Bergkristall Roségoldkette by zierkuss

Gift with a story

Over the rainbow

Once upon a time... there was a story. It was written as a gift for a special person and it's about a rock crystal & rainbow. This exact symbol should be given as a present. This beautiful idea became this 14k rose gold necklace. What a beautiful story!

pink & rose Ring by zierkuss


Pink & Rosegold

A gemstone from vacation that has traveled around the world in a backpack for a long time has now been set in this fine ring. The intense pink of the stone is really made to shine by the warm rose gold. Full of color & full of holiday memories!

dreigenerationen Kette by zierkuss


Three generation necklace

This silver pendant was created as a talisman for moving to another continent. Each leaf has its meaning and was engraved in the handwriting of grandma, mother and sister. So all the good wishes fly with you and accompany you – every day and everywhere.

Verlobungsring gold by zierkuss


Yes! – Gold engagement ring

Do you want...? This sparkling ring in 14k yellow gold is already on the finger of the lucky one. The engagement ring was prepared with loving details so that the romantic proposal could be made on vacation. Congratulations!

octopus necklace by zierkuss


Pearl & sea necklace

A very special gift from the depths of the sea. The perfectly shimmering freshwater pearl crowns an octopus made of delicate rose gold with sparkling  green garnet eyes! A unique jewelry for the deep sea lovers and a daily companion!

nasenstecker hand by zierkuss


Tiny hand as a nose stud

It should be something very special: A highlight for the face, a hand for your nose! This resulted in this custom-made sterling silver nose stud, which thanks to its hammered surface shines so wonderfully, just like the wearer!

Haarschmuck Schmetterling by zierkuss


Hair accessories for the bride

This bridal jewelry is something old and special - earrings, given by the mother of the bride but never worn, have been reworked and can now shine for the wedding: as a fine sterling silver hair comb with pearls and stones. All the best!

Armspange by zierkuss


XL men's bracelet

Finally the wish could be fulfilled because no standard jewelry would fit on this large man's hand. The silver cuff was made to measure according to the proportions and refined with the graphic design of his choice. Much joy!

Portrait kette by zierkuss

love memory

Portrait medallion

This locket was one of the most touching gifts: a surprise for the husband who wished to always carry his beloved with him, since the great sea often separates them. Every line has been carefully engraved - forever!

art deco kette by zierkuss


Art Deco diamond necklace

This sparkling brilliant was the beginning and the radiant center of this delicate Art Deco piece of jewelery in gleaming white gold. A very special Christmas Eve gift, light and elegant, for the beloved woman. Merry Christmas!

Anhänger aus Eheringen by zierkuss


Wedding rings became necklaces

In order to give the three children a memory of their father, the wedding rings were reused - they were cast into three pendants, with the same shape and individual surface, just like the children's personalities.

Goldarmreif by zierkuss


Hammered gold bangle

This hammered bangle made of bright yellow gold is a sparkling souvenir for the loved one who stayed at home. Lovingly handcrafted for the hand of a beloved one.

Amethyst Rosegoldkette by zierkuss


Amethyst with fire & rose gold

At the beginning of this necklace was the sparkling amethyst that was brought along - a beautiful 20 carat gemstone that now unfolds all its fire in an elegant rose gold setting. What a color combination and a sparkling gift!

maestro goldkette by zierkuss

university degree

Master gold chain

Congratulation! This chain in 14k gold is a personalized gift to the boyfriend for university graduation. The plate charmingly evokes the newly acquired title, or can be worn the other way around, simply showing off as a hammered plate. All the best!

Perlen Citrin Kette by zierkuss


Pearls & citrine

gold necklace

This special pearl necklace with a pull-through clasp was a gift to yourself. Pearls and citrine are drawn in soft white-yellow color from the drop-shaped pearl to the golden ring. It can be worn long or short.

Taufkette by zierkuss


Rainbow baptism necklace

A very special gift is this rainbow pendant, which shines in the three gold colors red, rose and yellow. The child's name is engraved on the back - now it can accompany him through life with good wishes!

Schmuck Set im 1900 Stil by zierkuss


Jewellery set with vintage character

Because the aesthetics of vintage jewelry evoke such fond memories, this statement necklace and ring were crafted for someone very special. In sparkling sterling silver, timeless and modern!

Taufkette by zierkuss


Rosé gold necklace

As a welcome present for the baby-niece, two siblings wanted a pendant with an monogram in rose gold - this fine necklace can now bring joy for a lifetime, first to the little one and then to the big one.

Einzelanfertigung Goldkette by zierkuss


Gold necklace with family symbol

For a great sporting success, three uncles wanted to give their niece something very special: a piece of jewelry with their family symbol & a reference to the medal she had won - this delicate gold necklace was the result.

zierkuss 11er Kette

child & parents

Lucky number necklace

For their son's birthday, his parents wanted this chain of numbers with a special meaning. Because 11 is the son's start number and this chain is said to bring good luck for the sport and his whole life!

Handgemachter Schmuck Zierkuss


Necklaces for the maids of honor

On the most beautiful day of their lives, the wedding couple wants to give their bridesmaids a gift - silver chains with their favorite motifs: hearts and circles, as a thank you and a lasting memory....coming soon!

Golschmiede Werkzeuge_by zierkuss.jpg


Write me your wishes, sometimes it's just a vague idea, a special occasion or just a desire for something unique.
- I'm looking forward to your message! –


The special & unique attract me magically - maybe that's why I like making unique pieces so much. Because we are all unique. Just like this moment.


Goldschmieden Feuer by zierkuss
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