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Two that belong together, that are one. Like you and I.
These two rings need each other to be complete. Two parts that fit together perfectly and together create this beautiful cocktail ring!

To ensure that the ring twins stay together nicely on your hand, they were designed like pieces of a puzzle: where one ring is slightly open, the elevation of the second ring fits exactly. This way the ring head always stays exactly on top of each other!

These rings were made by hand using historical casting technology, which gives them the unmistakable structure, as unique as a fingerprint.
The closed ring can also be worn wonderfully on a fine chain.

One ring is pure sterling silver and the other has the sterling silver blackened, so the two parts are even easier to see.

• Craftsmanship • Made in Vienna • Recycled sterling silver
- Handmade by Zierkuss

The2OfUs – Ring

  • Material: Recycled sterling silver, one ring is blackened on the surface.

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