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fine silver bands around your wrist This Bangle is mage from a single piece, in a single stripe on one side and doubled on the other. This allows fine insights, makes the bracelet so permeable and light and you can always decide which side you want to show the world.

The structure - what there is to discover! Like a fingerprint, each surface is highly individual and can only be found on a single bracelet.

Comfort fit: The edges are filed round, so it is easy to put on and comfortable to wear.

The piece of jewelry is actually made from a single piece of silver, this processing technique also gives it its name "one piece".

The bangle is available in two variants, so choose your favorite:
Narrow: With a height of about 1.5cm, the round diameter is about 7cm.
Broad: With a height of about 2.5cm, the round diameter is about 7cm.

Material: Recycled Sterling Silver.
- On request I can make this bracelet in gold, just send me a short message. -

Handcrafted • Made in Vienna • Made from recycled sterling silver
- Handmade by Zierkuss -

One Piece – Bangle

PriceFrom €180.00
  • Material: Recycled Sterling Silver

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