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With this handmade necklace, you can take the stars from the sky and carry them with you at all times - day and night.

The little stars on the full moon round silver pendant look like a lovingly scattered night sky. Worn the other way around, on the back, the evening star stands alone in the wide sky... The chain is wonderfully comfortable to wear thanks to the round edges and the low weight.

Size & Length: The pendant is around 3 cm wide & high, the silver chain is 50 cm long.
Chain: The delicate silver chain is 50cm long and is made in Carinthia, made in Austria!

A one of a kind! Because the pendant is handcrafted and each star is set individually, your own piece may vary slightly from the pictures!
Material: Recycled sterling silver or sterling silver with a 14k gold plating.
- On request I can make this chain in gold, just a short Message send. -

( the way, there are even more stars on the star ring and the Star Earrings!)

One of a kind • Made in Vienna • Made from recycled sterling silver
- Handmade by Zierkuss -

Silver Moon – Star Necklace

  • Recycled Sterling Silver

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