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Put on the crown!

A brilliant statement - for every day & night!

This imperial crown dangles in bright silver or gold on a fine silver chain. Due to the soft curves and the low weight, it is wonderfully comfortable to wear. Just put the crown on yourself - every day!
(... Would like more? QueenForEveryDay is also available as ring or earrings.)

Size: The crown pendant is 1.7cm long & the silver cable chain measures 45cm (I mám very happy that it was made in Carinthia, Austria!).
Material: Recycled Sterling Silver. Or sterling silver with 14k gold plating.
- If you wish, I would be happy to make you a ring in gold, just send me a message! -

Handcrafted • Made in Vienna • Made from recycled sterling silver
- Handmade by Zierkuss -

QueenForEveryDay - Necklace

PriceFrom €130.00
  • Material: Recycled Sterling Silver.
    Or gold pleated: Recycled sterling silver with a premium 14k gold plating.

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