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A drop and a fine line – that's all it takes to shine
This delicate ring wraps around your finger like a silver band. So light as a feather that you hardly feel it if it weren't for the drop that catches the light so brilliantly and in whose structure you can lose yourself so beautifully.

Each silver drop is totally unique as it is made by hand and coincidence - therefore your ring will be slightly different from the photos. So you get your very own unique piece.

The edges of the ring are filed round and feel wonderfully comfortable on the hand.

Material – choose your favourite:
Sterling silver: Your ring shines in recycled sterling silver.
Yellow-gold plated: Brilliant yellow gold plating encases your ring, underneath it is made from recycled sterling silver.
Rose-gold plated: The high quality gilding of warm yellow gold encases the core of recycled sterling silver.

- On request I can make this ring in gold, just a short Message send. -

One of a kind • Made in Vienna • Made from recycled sterling silver
- Handmade by Zierkuss -

drop – ring

PriceFrom €90.00
  • Recycled Sterling Silver.
    Or recycled sterling silver covered with high-quality 14-carat gold plating – in yellow gold or rose gold, depending on your choice.

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