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Delicate petals & intens colors
These earrings an feel like a bike ride in the summer breeze: like freedom, wild colors and sunny lightness.

The delicate petal is made of specially crafted brass, which is why it gets its individual blossom structure. Gold colored copper metal can be seen on the back, and on the front, colored pigments reveal the true essence of this colored wild rose.
These earrings are lightweight and therefore comfortable to wear.

Size: Each petal is about 4cm long and wide.

Available in three variants:
- Wild Red Rose: With red colored Front, back in shiny metal.
- Wild Peach Rose: With peach colored Front, back in shiny metal.
- Wild Nature Rose: Front and back in pure shiny metal, without additional color.

!! This piece is made especially for you and gets an individual flower structure each time. Being unique, your earrings will be a little different from the photo!!

A one of a kind • Made in Vienna • Made from recycled sterling silver & brass
Handmade by Zierkuss

Wild Rose – Ohrringe

  • Material: The earhook is made from recycled sterling silver. The petal is made of brass

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