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A ring like liquid mercury

What if molten sterling silver formed into a circle at over 1000 degrees? – This is exactly how this ring was born and wraps around your finger like a sculpture. As if the metal still wants to move until it solidifies in its final form.


Thanks to the rounded corners and the soft shapes, this ring is wonderfully comfortable to wear - a brilliant companion for all situations. Highly unisex!


Material – silver or rather gold-plated?

• Sterling Silver: Made from recycled sterling silver

• Gold-plated: The recycled sterling silver is covered with a high-quality 14-carat gold plating.


Surface – what finish do you like?

• High Gloss: For those who like it shiny so the world is reflected in the ring.

• Matt: Those who prefer a satin finish can get the ring with a calmer, satin finish. the way, this ring has two siblings, the small Liquid S & large Liquid XL ring.


Handmade • Recycled Silver • Made in Vienna

Liquid Ring—M

PriceFrom €170.00
  • Material: Recycled Sterling Silver.

    In thegilded variant: Recycled sterling silver encased in premium 14k gold plating.

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