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For all ocean lovers – with this ring you can hear the sound of the sea

What a find!


This sea shell wraps around your fingers in a generous arc. And attracts everyone's attention with its shine. Its naturalistic structure is particularly special; the matt surface contrast wonderfully with the polished areas and give this ring a lot of depth and shine.


You can wear the ring on all fingers. It fits in particularly well on the index finger and thumb, as its side view can be shown to its best advantage here.


The ring band has another nice detail: the shell structure continues in a delicate progression around your finger. To make it comfortable for you, the ring band is narrow and the edges are pleasantly softly rounded. – A wonderful companion for all situations.


Material – your choice:

• Sterling Silver: Made from recycled sterling silver

• Gold-plated: A high-quality electroplated gold plating encases the recycled sterling silver core.

Gold: If desired, this ring can be made in any gold color (yellow gold, white gold, rose gold or red gold) - just write me a message!


( the way, this ring also has siblings, discover the whole ocean family.


made in Vienna • recycled sterling silver • handmade by Zierkuss

Sea Shell XL – Ring

PriceFrom €190.00
  • Material: Recycled Sterling Silver.
    Or recycled sterling silver covered with high-quality 14-carat gold plating.

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