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Shine & structure for your days and nights
These handmade ear studs thrive on their special structure, the hammered surface: each indentation is a hammer blow, is a facet, one more interesting reflection that plays with the light so wonderfully.


Due to their low weight and rounded edges, these ear studs are particularly comfortable to wear.

Size: Approximately 9 x 7mm

Unique! Because each piece is hand crafted and hammered, your own stud earrings may vary slightly from the photos!

Material – your choice:

• Recycled Sterling Silver: Highly Polished.

Gold: 14k yellow gold, hammered and polished

• Gold Plated: Recycled sterling silver with high quality gold plating.


(by the way, for those who love hammered textures, there are also hammered bangles...)


one of a kind • made in Vienna • recycled gold & silver

- Handmade by Zierkuss -

hammered studs

PriceFrom €60.00
  • You can choose:

    • Recycled sterling silver

    Gold: 14k yellow gold

    • Gold plated: A high quality gold plating encases the recycled sterling silver core.

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