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Structure & shine for your arm
This handcrafted bangle lives from its special structure, the hammered surface: Each indentation is a hammer blow, is a facet, an interesting reflection more that reflects the light so wonderfully.

You can stack it or wear it individually. Due to the low weight and the rounded edges, this piece is very comfortable to wear.

Unique! Because each bangle is handcrafted and hammered, your own piece of jewelry may vary slightly from the pictures!

Dimensions – The hammered bangle comes in two strengths:

• Fine: 2mm width

• Strong: 4mm width


Material – your choice:

Silver: Recycled Sterling Silver

Gold Plated: Recycled sterling silver with high quality gold plating

Gold: 14k recycled yellow gold. Or 14k recycled rose gold

one of a kind • made in Vienna • from recycled silver & gold
- Handmade by Zierkuss -

Hammered – bangle

PriceFrom €95.00
  • You can choose from:

    Recycled sterling silver

    Gold plated - A high quality gold plating encases the recycled sterling silver core.
    Yellow gold: 14k yellow gold (585 gold)

    Rose gold: 14k rose gold (585 gold)

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