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A small celestial body - for day & night


This pendant hovers on its silver chain like a flying comet. You can almost feel its lights. Due to the abysmal edges and the low weight, the chain is wonderfully comfortable to wear.


Size: The comet is 3.5 cm long (including the eyelet) & the silver chain measures 50cm in length.

Chain: The delicate silver chain is blackened in a beautiful contrast.
material: Recycled Sterling Silver.

- If you wish, I can make this necklace in gold, just send a short message . -


Handmade • From recycled sterling silver • Made in Vienna

- Handmade by Zierkuss -

Comet - chain

150,00 €Price
  • Silver can oxidize over time in air and turn black. You can easily clean it with a cloth, various silver cleaners and/or a soft toothbrush.

    Blackened Silver may rub off a bit after a while, then the bright silver slowly comes through. If you want it all black again, feel free to drop by the studio for a free re-blackening!

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