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Like liquid gold with a spark of gemstone

This liquid ring wraps around your finger like a sculpture. As if the drop wanted to detach itself from the metal at any moment. Above, the faceted citrine sparkles in a shiny, warm yellow, like liquid gold, which combines wonderfully with its golden shell. A brilliant couple!


Thanks to the rounded corners and ergonomic shape, this ring is wonderfully comfortable to wear - a wonderful companion for all situations.

Gold-plated: A high-quality, electroplated gold plating encases the recycled sterling silver core. The metal is highly polished. So bright that the world is reflected in it.

Gold: If desired, this ring can be made in yellow gold, rose gold, red gold or white gold - just write me a message!


( the way, this ring has siblings, you'll find the entire Liquid Ring Family here)


• Made in Vienna • Aus recyceltem Sterlingsilber •

– Handgemacht von Zierkuss –

Liquid Citrin – Ring

  • Material:

    • Recycled Sterling Silver.

    • Or the gold pleated: Recycled sterling silver with high quality 14k gold plating

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