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Chains for your fingers

A beautiful royal chain is incorporated into this handmade ring. The impressive look of this complex chain pattern forms a perfect curve and gives your fingers a beautiful silver shine.

To give you the greatest comfort, the side surfaces and back of the ring are beautifully flat, so the ring adapts exactly to the palms of your hands without restricting you. Thanks to the rounded corners, this ring is wonderfully comfortable to wear - a brilliant companion for all situations.



Sterling Silver: Made from recycled sterling silver
Gold-plated: A high-quality electroplated gold plating encases the recycled sterling silver core


made in Vienna • recycled sterling silber • handmade by Zierkuss

Chain King – Ring

PriceFrom €180.00
  • Material: Recycled Sterling Silver. Or for the gold-plated version: Recycled sterling silver covered with high-quality 14-carat gold plating.

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