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Gold around your fingers
This ring wraps around your finger in a golden arc, so very soft. And it shines so beautifully that you can see the world reflected in it.

In order to let the gold unfold its full splendor, the ring head is beautifully wide on the front. – This is how it gets its big entrance. The narrower ring rail on the back gives you plenty of freedom of movement and lightness. Thanks to the delicate weight and the round ring shank, this ring feels wonderfully comfortable. And always makes you shine – day and night.

Material: 14k recycled yellow gold (585 gold)
Unique! Since each gold ring is made from its own nugget by hand, each ring looks a little different - you will receive your unique ring that is a little different from the pictures!

Unique • Made in Vienna • Made from recycled gold
- Handmade by Zierkuss -

Gold Nugget – Ring

  • 14k yellow gold (585er gold)

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