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Jewelry care

Everything you wanted to know about jewelry:

your ring size, the right chain length, materials and how to care for your favorite piece...

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Liquid Ring XL Silber

All silver jewelry from my atelier is made from recycled sterling silver.


Sterling silver is a beautiful material with a high shine. With 92.5% it has a very high silver content (the rest is added copper). You can wear it with pleasure and worry-free because it is nickel-free!

Silver is essential cheaper than gold because it is more abundant in the world and easier to mine.


Silver likes to be worn. Because unworn ist oxidized black in air.

This effect can also be used – blackened silver creates a nice contrast to polished silver, if intentionally oxidized. If this thin layer rubs off over time, feel free to come by and I'll refresh it for you free of charge!

If your silver jewelry needs more cleaning, you can try it with a soft, damp cloth or toothbrush and washing-up liquid or with silver cleaning agent. (Be careful with pearls and coral, they don't like cleaning agents!)

You are also welcome to come to the studio for a refresh!

gold plated

star ring Gold by zierkuss

With the high-quality, galvanic gilding, the piece of jewelry is covered with a thin layer of gold.


From the outside, the gold-plated piece cannot be distinguished from real gold, because only the inner core consists of recycled sterling silver.

Gold-plated jewelry is much cheaper and extremely material-efficient, since the expensive gold is only used for the surface.



Over time, the gold layer can wear off when worn and the underlying silver shimmers through.


To avoid scratches, simply remove your favorite item before doing any manual work (in the garden, in the fitness studio, when doing handicrafts, etc.) so that you can wear it again with pleasure afterwards.

If you would like to have a gold refreshment, your favorite jewelery can be gold-plated again at any time for a small fee. Just come by!


Liquid Ring M Gold

Because pure gold is too soft for jewelry, it is fused with silver and copper to form a harder alloy.

14k gold (or 585 gold) is 58.5% gold, the rest is copper & silver. It has a softer golden hue due to less pure gold being used.

18k gold (or 750 gold) has a higher gold content of 75%. This alloy is slightly more yellow in color, softer and heavier, so it is also more valuable and slightly more expensive.

gold colors

Gold is available in the colors yellow gold (the classic gold), red gold & rose gold (with a warm red-gold color due to the higher copper content) and white gold (nickel or the more expensive palladium is added here).


Gold is super easy to care for and keeps its beautiful color. If it loses its shine, it can be polished up again. ​


It's better to take off your jewelry before doing any manual work (gym, gardening, crafts etc.).
to protect them from scratches. And enjoy to put it back on afterwards.

jewelry care

To ensure that your piece of jewelry accompanies you for a lifetime, it needs a little attention:

Verlobungsring gold by zierkuss_edited.jpg

beads & delicate gemstones do not like perfumes, chlorinated water or alcohol (sprays). That takes away their shine.


• Jewelry avoids aggressive liquids such as perfumes, make-up cleaners, cleaning agents, chlorinated water. You make them happy if you only put them on your beautiful skin after you have styled, perfumed or bathed.

• Metals can get scratches & dents – during intense physical work such as crafts, gardening or exercising. Put your jewelry down in front of it and look forward to putting it on afterwards!

• The best storage is the jewelry box in which you received your piece. This way it stays well protected and doesn't get scratches from other jewellery.


• High humidity accelerates oxidation, so please do not keep your jewerly in the bathroom!

ring sizes

what is my ring size

chain lengths

Which length is right for me?

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